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SA-MP HWID Unbanner

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Changed your IP and you're still banned? You probably got a HWID ban.
This tool allows you to get around that ban, making you invulnerable to any known banning methods.


Q: Doesn't work.
A: Make sure you have .NET 4.0 installed. Try different GTA patch.

Q: I am still banned.
A: Make sure you changed your nickname and IP at the same time. This tool cannot deal with IP bans.

Q: How is this different from other GPCI unbanners?
A: This version does not break your GTA settings or the screenshot feature. It also ties your HWID to your nickname instead of randomizing it every game launch, allowing you to play longer on the same nickname without drawing suspicion.

SA-MP HWID Unbanner

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Virusshit, tries to brake down your PC.
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