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Halo CE SightJacker 1.09

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Posted at SmG Clans websiteHalo CE 1.09 SightJacker  By SmG Cloud and Silentk

Have to activate:
-Create a shortcut to Halo CE on your desktop
-Right click the shortcut > Properties -Add "-console" to the end of the target so it looks like this:     "X:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\haloce.exe" -console
-Click Ok or Apply -Open Halo CE 1.09
-Open "Winject.exe"
-inject Halo CE 1.09 Sightjacker.dll
-F2 For menu

F2 - Toggle Menu
Up/Down Arrow - Change option select
Left/Right Arrow - Toggle Option On/Of

Once you enable First Person, SightJacking will start. You must close the menu before you can switch players. Use Left and Right arrows to switch players. ---------------------------------------------
If  you recieve an error about a missing  d3dx9_37.dll, I have included this  file. You will need to put it in  your C:\Windows\System32 directory.


Download Halo CE SightJacker 1.09