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Halo Multihack v1.1

icon Halo Multihack v1.1 #1

Anmeldungsdatum: Aug 2007

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Aimbot - Not Vector Based, Very accurate no matter player stance.
Chams - Customizable from several different colors including my personal favorite. Not because i have never seen it before but because its purrrty haha. It switches thru all the colors instead of a single color.. Never seen it before so i figured wth.
Wireframe - Useful? maybe.
FPS Display
NameESP (Removed for pub release)
CurrWeap ESP (Removed for pub release)
HealthESP (Removed for pub release)

Use fav injector (or my personal fav DC's, which is provided) and inject from process start.

Once injected, Press HOME to active menu. You will be notified upon successful injection.

Download Halo Multihack v1.1


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Anmeldungsdatum: Mär 2011

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well , does it still works?


Hipster gonna hip
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It´s from 2009... So yes it´ll work for you (if u want to get banned)
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Anmeldungsdatum: Okt 2015

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me pasas el multihack 1.1
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Anmeldungsdatum: Feb 2020

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awesome hack