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Halo Online 0.6 - Internal Trainer v1.1

icon Halo Online 0.6 - Internal Trainer v1.1 #1

Anmeldungsdatum: Aug 2007

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Kategorie: Halo
Entwickler: Cleg

A trainer for those who are waiting for releases, it only has movement speed, jump height, and gravity modifications. Simply replace the mtndew.dll file inside your Halo Online folder with this one. I'd also recommend creating a backup by renaming your already existing file to "mtndew.dll.bak". Enjoy.

Update v1.1 - Removed AntiCheat.cpp functions. Fixed auto lock on service tag.

  1. Trainer HotKeys
  3. Numpad1 - Move Speed x1
  4. Numpad2 - Move Speed x2
  5. Numpad3 - Move Speed x3
  6. Numpad4 - Jump Height x1
  7. Numpad5 - Jump Height x2
  8. Numpad6 - Jump Height x3
  9. Numpad7 - Normal Gravity
  10. Numpad8 - Half Gravity
  11. Numpad9 - No Gravity


Halo Online 0.6 - Internal Trainer v1.1

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not working
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Anmeldungsdatum: Mai 2018

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works great for me, would you be willing to share the source or give me pointers on how to setup toggles like this? trying to combine a few things into one menu