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--Infinium Crysis Wars--
by root.

-Game Version: Crysis Wars Patch #5
-Punkbuster Status: Undetected @ release date
-This is for the DX9 Version!
-If you do not have Windows XP, you have to start the Game with "-dx9" Parameters!
-This Hack has no Menu, all features are enabled at any time
-Inject in Menu or while ingame using Winject!

Additional Info:
It seems, that there are some Fakers on youtube and elsewhere, that claim to be me.
They open up new sites and Forums where they publish my hacks (mostly linked with trojans)
Do NOT trust any of those files and do NOT support those individuals!
My ONLY Youtube Account is root2902 ( YouTube - root2902's Channel ) all others are Fake.

-FlyHack (see #1)
-Box Esp
-Name Esp
-Health Esp
-Armor Esp
-Vehicle Esp
-Bone Esp
-No Spread
-No Recoil

FlyHack Controls:
Hold Space to activate.
Direction Keys: W, A, S, D
Hold Shift to speed up!
If you do not press any Direction Key while holding Space, you will just fly up.

Crytek with their CryEngine² (best Engine ever)
Download CrysisHaxByRootV2


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mh . . if i try to inject with winject it says "Both injection methods failed . . . process protected ?"
I have no AntiVirus or Firewall installed that could prevent an injection -.-

Crysis Wars is patched with Patch #5
I`m using winXP and Crysis and winject are runing with admin rights.


Any suggestions ?