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Orbital Strike Multihacks v1.9

icon Orbital Strike Multihacks v1.9 #1

Anmeldungsdatum: Aug 2007

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Kategorie: Crysis 2
Entwickler: mrzulo

That does not work for Crysis 2 Maximum Edition.
Only Crysis 2 Standard, Limited Edition and Nano Edition.

General trainer information
Make sure to run the trainer as administrator.
Orbital_Strike_Multihacks working properly,hack on server open and
then get out of the server.
Orbital Strike will then be available.

Ingame hotkeys

1 F1 Toggle Infinite Suit Energy
2 F2 Toggle No Spread Super Accuracy
3 F3 Toggle Nametags (Multiplayer Only)
4 F4 Toggle Speedhack

Immediately active hacks:

Infinite Orbital Strike on all maps.(Multiplayer Only)
Elevated fire rate for all weapons
Infinite Ammo

Run Crysis2_v1.9.exe
Run Crysis 2

[Crysis2] Orbital Strike Multihacks v1.9