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Lithium 1.7.4

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Kategorie: TeamFortress 2
Entwickler: DurRud

The Cheat version is 1.7.4 which is undetectable!
oh yea, the cheat come with a dll no loader anymore; you need
to inject the dll file into the game search by yourself there are many injectors

1. all credits goes to DurRud for this awesome cheat
2. i dont give supports
3. the cheat could be detectable in future so risk by yourself to be banned

Lithium 1.7.4

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Vac lol
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use f2c accs pls cuz its detected ("undetectable") everything is detectable
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How long until VAC after injection when yusing this cheat?
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i cant open it
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Heeeeeyyyyy....... after hacking for about 5-7 minutes it disconnects me and says my pc has disabled vac something and it wont let m connect to secure servers anymore so, i try to connect to unsecure servers and i try to make them but it just keeps saying the same thing then i waste a anoher 5 minutes to replace the injector and the dll re open hl2 and reinject it to play for a another 5 minutes just to see the crash again.... is the problem in my pc or is the dll buggy? please help!

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I gotta ask what can you do in the hack cause you give no info on what can be used?
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does this work?
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Vac bans lithium 1.7.4 detected anti-vac old you can got banned 3 day will today give vac bans
i know all you trolling again got banned reported.
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Can you update it to version!
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wicher (Mon 12. Jun 2017, 20:26)
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its keeps saying the file is damaged and wont let me open it