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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Hack detected as a virus?
Multiple possibilities apply here:
- False Positive:
Many hacks and cheats manipulate the game in a manner, which the antivirus doesnt like.
If the detection says something about "gen" (for general), "injector" (a injector injects a dll in the game) or "misc", its most likely a false report.
- Maybe really a virus:
Every hack in the hackarchive is inspected, so the risk is relatively low.
If the hack is just posted on the forums, it helps normally to ask somebody in the thread. Someone with more than 500 posts usually will give a good advice.

What am i able to do?
- Check the virustotal results:
Virustotal is a website which checks uploaded files with about 40 virusscanners.
If there are multiple detections you should be careful. - Even if theres no detection it does NOT necessarily mean, that it isnt a virus!
Each hack on this page is automatically checked at virustotal. On the downloadpage of the hack you will find a link to the scan results.
- For more experienced users there is Anubis:
Only registered and activated users can see links.
This executes the uploaded file in a sandbox and observes the behaviour of it.
Writing access to the registry or the autostart folder are a pretty sure indication for a virus.
The scan takes a few minutes though.
How do i run a hack?
1. Many hacks are packed in archives. You may recognize archives by their file extension .rar, .zip or .7z. You may extract these files with the freeware Only registered and activated users can see links..
2. Often theres a readme file present. It helps to actually read it.
3. If theres just an .exe, you usually just have to execute it.
4. If theres just a .dll, youve to use a dll-injector. Look here: "Where may i find a dll-injector?".

As well: Why is the hack not working?
Where may i find a dll-injector?
What is an injector?
An injector is a tool, which allows to load code in another program, in this case a DLL.
So an injector forces another program to load an external dll, which for example contains the hack.
Depending on whether the hack is "internal" or "external", the dll either has to be injected in the game or in a random process, e.g. Firefox.exe or Chrome.exe.

Where may i find a dll-injector?
There are injectors in the hackarchive:
HolzigTo Injector

How do i use them?
1. Run the injector with right click "run as administrator".
2. Choose the process in which should be injected (usually the game process).
3. Choose the .dll which should be injected.
4. Press "Inject".
Why doesnt the hack work?
Multiple possible sources of error here:

- Run as administrator
Most hacks have to be run as admin. For this, right click the .exe and click "run as administrator".

- An old version of directx is used
You may find the installer here:
Only registered and activated users can see links.
Especially the error "d3dx9_43.dll is missing" and similar indicate this.

- The Visual C++ Redistributable package is missing
Especially errors like "msvcr100.dll is missing" and similar.
For Visual Studio 2010 (msvcp100.dll / msvcr100.dll):
32bit: Only registered and activated users can see links.
64bit: Only registered and activated users can see links.
For Visual Studio 2012 (msvcp110.dll / msvcr110.dll):
Only registered and activated users can see links.
For Visual Studio 2013 (msvcp120.dll / msvcr120.dll):
Only registered and activated users can see links.
Even if you have a 64bit Windows you should install the 32bit redistributable package as well as the 64bit package.

- Dependency Checker
This tool shows you eventually missing frameworks:
Just drag & drop the hack-dll on the window of dependency-checker!

- The antivir blocks the execution of the tool
Disable the antivir.

- wrong chronology
For some hacks its important, that you run the game first and after its done loading the hack. Others however like it the other way around, that you start the hack first and then the game. However, many dont care at all.
Just try around.

- old graphiccard drivers
A graphiccard driver update may help:
Nvidia/GeForce: Only registered and activated users can see links.
Amd/Radeon: Only registered and activated users can see links.

- Read the readme
Many Hacks include a readme. You should always read the readme! Often there is crucial advice to get the hack running.

If all this doesnt work, you may ask here in the forum for help. For each hack theres a discussion thread, in which you may find additional informations. You find a link to it at the lower area on the download page of the hack.
Why does the game crash when i activate the hack?
The hack is badly written:
Here it may help to try multiple scenarios:
- Run the game in windowed mode.
- If it is a dll, try another Injector.
- After the running the hack immediately tab back into the game.
- Wait a few seconds after running the hack before tabbing back into the game.
- Dont tab out of the game while the hack is running.
- Read the readme, or ask in the forum if theres none.
- First run the hack, then the game.
- First run the game, then the game.
- First join a server ingame, then run the hack.
- Run the hack and the game as administrator (right click "run as administrator").
- Run the hack and/or the game in compability mode (WinXP SP2).

Attention: The following advices may harm your computer and should only be used if you know what youre doing.
- disable UAC
- Only registered and activated users can see links.
- Disable your antivir.

The hack is outdated:
You cant do much here, except waiting for an updated version.

The hack is incompatible with your windows:
Rarely happens, but happens. Try the compability mode and eventually ask in the forum.

Generally you should observe the following rules: Why is the hack not working?