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PlanetSide 2 Lag Switch

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  • System: Windows
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By its nature PlanetSide 2 is heavily client-sided, this lag switch is designed to allow you to exploit its insecure net-code. It works by using 'netsh' to create a rule in Windows Firewall which is controlled by the bindable toggle key. This allows you to disconnect and reconnect at will (although this does mean the program needs to be running on Windows with administrative permissions).

By doing this you can do many, many cool things. Examples include:

  • 'Teleporting' safely to a location by disconnecting, walking to the location you want to go, and then reconnecting. For other players you'll just appear out of thin air at your final destination. This lets you do such things as 'teleport' a MAX to the back of a room filled with enemies looking the other way.
  • Jetpack infinitely as Light-Assault in order to get to good locations such as in a building's rafters or on the top of a mountain. You will only be able to jetpack infinitely once per disconnect.
  • Fly an ESF, Liberator or Valkery under the ground while disconnected and then reconnect and kill people from there.
  • Kill many people while safely disconnected. If you disconnect and then go shoot other people then when you reconnect every person who you shot enough to kill will be killed. For example you could disconnect in spawn, run into a populated room, shoot everybody there and then when you reconnect all those people will die. Remember though, if the people who you shoot dies to somebody else between the time of you disconnecting and reconnecting then you won't get the kill.

On a similar note, you should always try to disconnect in a safe location (such as behind spawn room doors or hidden behind a rock) as if your stationary body left behind while you're disconnected dies then when you reconnect you too will die.

PlanetSide's anti-cheat does not detect this program or the method it uses and most likely never will. That being said, if you get too many reports then you will most likely get manually banned - so try to not cheat blatantly if you care about that.

In order to use this program you should launch 'LagSwitch.exe' as an administrator. You should then set the executable location to your 'PlanetSide2_x64.exe' from your PlanetSide folder (or 'PlanetSide2.exe' if you're on 32 bit). Finally you should bind your toggle key to the key you want to press in order to disconnect and reconnect (keyboard keys only, if you want to use a mouse macro key then rebind it to an unused keyboard key and use it like that). When in-game you should then use the toggle key to disconnect, do whatever you want to do and then reconnect.

The program is written in Python but I've built it into an executable file using 'PyInstaller' so you do not need Python installed to run it. I've also included the source code if you want to have a look at it.

To reiterate, you should ensure you're running on Windows and Windows Firewall is turned on (it should turn it on automatically if it's turned off, but I don't trust it to work 100%).

Download PlanetSide 2 Lag Switch
Same, doesn't work. resorted to buying a hardware lag switch.
there is no planetside2.exe in my game only launchpad and planetside2_64x but the game is playing in 32 bit
Quote from saycheese1258 post
I have converted this file into exe as to run it as admin but i do not know how to bind a toggle, please help
hi can you please post the link for the exe file thanks
I have converted this file into exe as to run it as admin but i do not know how to bind a toggle, please help
same help me plez
There is no .exe file in the rar
Quote from Powerkings post
Help Why is it pyw for me please answer or help me 
Help Why is it pyw for me please answer or help me