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PoC AntiCheat SS Blocker v1.0

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PoC AntiCheat SS Blocker v1.0


This tool will disable screenshots on all anticheats using the PrintScreen method.  AntiCheats such as Libra / UAC3 use this method however you use this tool at your own risk.

Testing Recommendations:

When first testing this tool on any AntiCheat, I would recommend you to not use any cheats and check if any screenshots have been uploaded first so you know it is working.


* Start .exe
* Enter Password (First run only) which is www.d3scene.com
* Minimise .exe
* Start AntiCheat
* Start Game
* Activate your chosen cheat

NOTE: This is NOT a cheat, this is a screenshot disabler ONLY!

TIP: I would recommend renaming the .exe file as AntiCheats can still detect the process if it is has a common name and I have not added any process hiding but uses a non-invasive / non-hooking approach therefore can only be detected if picked up via a process scan.


Protected by The Engima Protector so it cannot be easily reversed and analysed, the file is perfectly safe and any virus alerts are false positives.



You are free to share this tool at different sites.


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Download PoC AntiCheat SS Blocker v1.0
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