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Assault Cube External Cheat

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  • Category: Other FPS Games
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  • System: Windows
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  • It is Object Oriented. It might not be the optimal solution as Pyro666 once said, but I did it for my own benefit and practice.
  • It it also multi-threaded. Again, like WLAN said, it might not be the better solution, but I have no experience in it and wanted to learn. It was fun trying to solve the problems that arose from my inexperience and I actually feel I learned something.
  • Everything besides the offsets (And the template function that I wasn't going to include, but was too good not to do it) is original. No pastes.
  • I'm not satisfied with the way I'm handling GetAsyncKeyState(). I'm planning on changing that in the future.
  • It took about 15 hours in total. About 4-5 hours to implement the features, and the rest for multi-threading.I had a pretty hard time with it. Various stupid errors. Didn't really know what I was doing.
  • To people who want to learn how to code themselves: The source contains a lot of comments on why things are done, and what some things do. Take a look in it if you're doing something similar.
  • To people who are experienced: I know it's just a simple external, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere. Feel free to reply with what I can improve with.

F5: Max Health.
F6: Max Armor.
F7: Max Ammo.
F8: No-Recoil.
F9: Rapid Fire
F10: Rapid Knife

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