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Crysis 3 v1.3D SP/MP Multihacks v1.4

  • Category: Crysis 3
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  • Uploaded by: KN4CK3R
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  • System: Windows
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Version 1.4 of Crysis 3 v1.3D Multihacks from NightmareTX. This Zip archive includes both x86 and x64 Bits versions.


+Infinite Ammo (SP/MP)
+Infinite Hunter Bow Arrow (SP/MP)
+Infinite Energy (SP ONLY!)
+NoRecoil (SP/MP)
+NoSpread (SP/MP)
+Toggle Nametags (MP ONLY!)
+NoClip (SP/MP)
+SpeedHack (SP/MP)
+Extreme Jump (SP/MP)
+Infinite Cloak (SP/MP)
+Infinite Nanovision (With and Without Glow Filter, SP/MP)
+Force Pre Match Cloak (MP)

---Trainer Version 1.0---
+Initial Release

---Trainer Version 1.01---
+Bugfix: Plugin loading problem should now be fixed
+Plugin dlls included in Zip archive (Required by trainer)
+Lower trainer filesize

---Trainer Version 1.1.0---
+Updated for Crysis 3 1.2 Compatibility
+Added LUA code for loading StealthEdit for x86 (32bits) OS
+Files Reorganized

---Trainer Version 1.2.0---
+Updated for patch 1.2 of Crysis 3 released on March 7th 2013

---Trainer Version 1.2.1---
+Improved 32Bits OS Compatibility

---Trainer Version 1.3.0---
+Added Extreme Jump Feature
+Changed Hotkeys for better PCs / Laptops Usage

---Trainer Version 1.4.0---
+Added Nanosuit Hacking Module Features
+Trainer Music Changed

-=How to Deactivate Extreme Jump Properly=-
1. Deactivate Extreme Jump
2. Wait until the next map change


1. Deactivate Extreme Jump
2. Activate "Reset Extreme Jump 2 Normal"
3. Perform High Jump (Holding Down Jump Button)
4. Deactivate "Reset Extreme Jump 2 Normal"

-=Windows 8 Users=-
Some users are experiencing memory error when booting the Tool/Trainer in Windows 8. To correct this error, set the compatibility to Windows 7 by right-clicking on "Crysis3-Multihack.exe", "Properties" and the "Compatibility" tab. In the "Compatibility Mode" group, check the checkbox and select "Windows 7" in the drop-down menu. Hit "Apply" when done. You can now use the Tool/Trainer.

-=Final Note=-
Please report any problems.
For better result, this version uses AOBScan style activation. Please allow at least 5 seconds between each cheat activations.

Download Crysis 3 v1.3D SP/MP Multihacks v1.4