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RGH - v2.1.0

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RGH2 - Renegade Hook v2 by 0x90

+ Not beta anymore: ESP/Aimbot tested:
- Some ESP/Aimbot routines fixed.
- BUG: Possible Aimbot crash fixed.
- No player ESP if they are currently in a vehicle.
Vehicle ESP now shows the current driver.

+ Settings added (rgh.ini)
- ShowVehicles: ESP for vehicles on/off.
- ShowHarvester: ESP for the harvys on/off.
- FontFace, FontSize, BiggerFontSize: Customizes the ESP font.
- AIMBOT.DeadPlayers: Also aim at dead players on/off.
- Menu hotkey (this replaces the ESP hotkey).

+ Ingame menu reintroduced. A simple, work-in-progress ingame menu as known
from RGH(1). Allows you to set some settings ingame, but the changed settings
won't be saved back into the rgh.ini for now(!)
Consider this menu as BETA.

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