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RGH - The Renegade Hook / Aimbot

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RGH - The Renegade Hook / Aimbot by 0x90
Current version: 1.3.3

 + Undetected by RenGuard 1.0323
 + Renegade
   - D3DHook (overlay stuff)
   - DirectInputHook
   - ESP, Enhanced Player Info
   - Wallhack/Chams (beta. not all models logged yet)
   - NoFog
   - BrightHack
   - Ingame Menu
   - Aimbot
   - Removes SniperScope HUD
   - Spectator mode. (follow a player)
   - RadarHack (new "alternative" method. undetected)

[how to use]
 - extract all files into a seperate directory.
 - edit the rgh.ini so that it fits your needs.
 - start rgh.exe
 - start renegade or load renegade via renguard. the rgh loader stays in the
   background and catches the start of renegade automatically. no matter how or
   by what it gets started.
 - if you encounter any problems please take a look at the last section called:
   "bugs/errors and things to take care of"

[data patch & objects injector]
 - !!NEW!! now using alternative injection method. currently undetected by renguard.
 - this feature is from renloader. to use the data patch simply create a copy of your
   DATA directory (in your renegade dir) and name it "d4t4" for example. you can name it
   like you want, just make sure its four chars long! after creating a copy, open the ini and
   change the line "data=d4t4" to the name of your new/copied data dir. So if you name the copy
   of your data dir "1234" then change the line in the ini to: "data=1234".
   If you use it just make sure the directory really exists! Otherwise you will get this strange
   "Strings.tdb" error mentioned in the "bugs/errors" section.

 - objects injector should be well known to you since renloader. it changes the name of the
   objects.ddb which gets loaded by renegade. so rename your custom objects.ddb to 0bj3ct5.DD0
   (for example) in your data dir and use the injector. this is against the zero bug and of course
   against renguard.

 - the hotkeys are defined in the rgh.ini file. you have to change them manually. use the hotkey
   helper in the RGH options screen to get the appropriate VKCODE for the hotkeys.
   (the GUI isnt included anymore but you could still use the old GUI for the hotkey helper)

 - default keys are:
   Aimbot: SHIFT (0x10)
   RadarHack: F9(off)/F10(on)/(F11-disabled by now) (0x78,0x79,0x7A)
   MasterSwitch: HOME (0x24) (this turns RGH on/off completly.)
   PurchaseTerminal: NUMPAD0 (0x60)
   Ingame Menu: END (0x23)
   Spectator Mode: 'e' (0x45)

 - Just press the masterswitch hotkey to turn off/on RGH completely. some kind of panic key. you
   can make sure to disable all rgh screen output for screenshots and so on.
   *Update* It also disables RadarHack now (since 1.3.2BE).
   PLEASE NOTICE that this wont change:
   - any skin, w3d, objects stuff like bigheads and so on.

[ingame menu]
 - press the ingame-menu hotkey to activate it. use the arrow keys to navigate and return to
   change a setting. the directinput hook will not pass through any keyboard events to renegade
   while in menu so you wont move around or anything. leave the menu by pressing the hotkey again
   or Escape.

 - the aimbot uses two methods to aim:
   1. manual aim: hover a target via ESP (its "hovered" when the ESP text is brighter AND the
      distance is shown.) and press the aimbot hotkey. you will track the chosen target.
   2. auto: if youre not hovering any enemy via ESP the aimbot will look for the closest enemy
      in your field of view. so just those who are actually on your screen. (look at esp)
      so no 180 degree turning anymore.

[spectator mode]
 - hover a player via ESP and press the spectator hotkey. you will now follow the player like a
   spectator. you are not really there because the position is serverside, so nobody will notice
   you. the funny part is, you can shoot around in spectator mode! so you can shoot enemies
   anywhere on the map while you are safe in your base.
   BE AWARE that you will be standing at your original position and shooting around to "nowhere"
   so this could be very obvious!

[bugs/errors and things to take care of]
 - works fine with windows xp sp2. should work in vista if you run it with administrator rights
   and/or in windows xp compatibility mode. oh btw: keep/get xp
 - make sure your custom DATA dir exists (with all the files in it) if you use DATA patch.
   otherwise you will get the message:
   "This build of Renegade is out of synch with the strings database (strings.tdb)..."
   and after that it will just crash. so check your DATA folder or just turn the data
   injector off (Data Patch at RGH main screen)
 - same for the objects.ddb injector. make sure it exists! otherwise renegade will crash
   while loading the game. (joining a server)
 - you shouldnt use any mods like D3D9 patch or custom scripts.dll. i never tested it but
   i think it will just not work well. im using a clean install of renegade from First Decade
   edition (renegade version 1.037) with renguard 1.03x and all just works fine for me.
 - use the latest renegade version (1.037) the game2.exe i tested RGH with and on which it
   runs flawless is exactly 5.397.365 Bytes in size!