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SHX-Injector v1.0.5

icon SHX-Injector v1.0.5 #1

Anmeldungsdatum: Nov 2017

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LATEST VERSION Developed 2019!

- Process List
- Multi-DLL injection
- Auto-Inject
- Close after inject
- Manual-Inject
- Search for specific process

Colourful and customizable GUI
- Dark & Light Mode

How to use:
- Extract "SHX-Setup.msi"
- Complete Setup
- Open "SHX-Injector"
- Type in procress name or browse processes by clicking on the "Browse" buttton.
- Click on "Add DLL" button and add your .DLL file.
(optional) Click the "Close After Inject" checkbox to be secure not getting banned!
- Click on the "Inject" button to inject the DLL.
- Enjoy hacking! 


* New in v1.0.5::
* Error fixes
Colourful and customizable GUI
* Dark & Light Mode

If you find some new errors, let us know!

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It maybe gets detected as virus, but this is only because it's a dll injector 
and they often get used by malware programms.

In case it gets detected by your antivirus, just deactivate it 

for the download and then whitelist the programm.