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icon SHX-Injector #1

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NEW Version 1.0.4

Undetected: 21.12.2019

1. Complete Setup
2. Open "SHX-Injector"
3. Choose Process  (e.g. "iw5mp" <--- it's TeknoMw3)
4. Choose DLL
5. Inject
6. Enjoy hacking! 

* Updated:

* Error fixes
* You can now save your settings

If you find some new errors, let me know!


It maybe detected as virus, but this is only because it's a dll injector 
and they often get used by malware programms.

In case it gets detected by your antivirus, just deactivate it 
for the download and then whitelist the programm.

I do not promise it's still undetected if you use it! 

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