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Simple Planetside 2 LagSwitch

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I'll Post the Readme here to make the things easier:

To make the program work you need to do a bunch of things:

-Go to the installation folder of PlanetSide 2
-Copy the path
-Right click on lagSwitchRC.bat
-Click Modify
-Search for the line that says: "INSERT THE PATH OF PLANETSIDE2_X64 HERE"
-Replace it with the path you copied
-add to the end of the path: \PlanetSide2_x64.exe (or PlanetSide2.exe if you're running on a 32 bit machine)

-Whenever you're ready open lagSwitch.exe
-Go to Planetside 2 graphics settings
-Set the game to Windowed full screen or Windowed mode
-Use DEL to activate the lagSwitch and INS to disable it.

Known Bugs: The program doesn't work because the rule does not exist.

-Search for Windows Firewall in the search bar in Start
-Click on Windows Firewall
-Click on Advanced Security
-Add an outbound rule with name: "lagSwitch" that deny and when it tells the path select PlanetSide2_x64

Simple Planetside 2 LagSwitch

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still working?
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is it save?
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I don't think it's working anymore........ Pls fix it would be awesom
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we need more hacks
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still works ?