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PS2 HWID Bypass v1

icon PS2 HWID Bypass v1 #1

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Kategorie: Planetside 2
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64bit version only...


1. Copy all files to game directory.
2. You can delete folders LaunchPad.Cache and Logs in %GAMEDIRECTORY%\LaunchPad.libs folder
-> u will erase launchpad settings and login history, also recorded account names and passwords so
better if you remember them (if u want to start fresh after HWID ban).
3. Always start game by launching PS2HWIDLoader.exe in game directory -> it will modify and start launcher, then u can follow usual way.
4. DO NOT CLOSE PS2HWIDLoader.exe console window, it will close itself.
5.This program does not bypass IP bans, so if you were IP banned then use VPN or change your IP before creating new account.

PS2 HWID Bypass v1

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is this working in 2016?
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Anmeldungsdatum: Okt 2013

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testet...not working.