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Audible Hit Indicator v1

icon Audible Hit Indicator v1 #1

Anmeldungsdatum: Aug 2007

Beiträge: 1959

Kategorie: Payday 2
Entwickler: killj0i

This code will cause an impact sound to be played whenever you would normally get a hit indicator. Separate sounds are included for bodyshots, headshots, and critical hits, set by the functions below. Place audio files straight in payday 2 directory.
PlayMediaV2 is a little unstable, though reinstalling vcredist 2013 x86 seemed to help quite a lot. Audio files above half a second are hard for the game to spit out continuously without crashing, and seem to work best when set as "signed 16 bit PCM" for those making their own.

Extract all files to payday 2 directory. Then shoot cops.

Audible Hit Indicator v1