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Insurgency Material Wallhack

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Place the .vpk file in Steam\steamapps\common\insurgency2\insurgency\custom and you're good to go.


1 Launch the game
2 Make sure you have access to console (in the options)
3 Join a server
4 You will currently have the enhanced player models, but not the wallhack
5 Leave the server
6 Open console
7 In console, type:"sv_cheats 1; mat_reloadallmaterials; sv_cheats 0"
8 Either join the server by server browser, or type "retry"
9 You should now have the player models & be able to see guns through walls


Q: Will I get VAC banned?
A: No.

Q: How can you be so sure?
A: You're not injecting anything. This is like using something from the workshop - you're just modifying textures.

Q: It's not working
A: There could be a lot of reasons. My guess is that you've probably installed custom player models from the workshop, which I don't have modified, so they don't work. Remove them and try again.

Q: There's currently a way better wallhack on the forum, why would I use this?
A: Because you don't want to get VAC banned.

/hackdata/screenshot/thumb/d6215481b4e07c4021e664180b934940.jpg /hackdata/screenshot/thumb/bb9cd327b5b19ef4257336b29a3ee883.jpg

Insurgency Material Wallhack

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UD Thank you!
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Barrneyy (Mi 13. Jul 2016, 15:39)
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This doesnt work in 5v5
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There is no custom folder?
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works like a charm, can you do the whole body?
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Works GREAT!! Thanks man!!! 9/24/16 

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why do i need to download if i dont need to inject anything
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Zitat von camielberg post
why do i need to download if i dont need to inject anything
Cause u need to download the custom materials. 
I tested it and it works. 
Though i dont really like it cause its a bit buggy. 
U got a clear advantage with it tho.


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doesn't show the player models
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for some reason i cant open up my console in insurgency, ive tried everything but ti wont open no matter what i try. Weird thing though is that i can see ak47's through walls but thats it, No need to open console for that.
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do i put the vpk in skins?

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can you help me?? did all the steps and it doesn work i dont see a thing everything looks the same as it was.
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Needs an Update PLEASE!!!
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not work !!!