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Anmeldungsdatum: Jan 2016

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Kategorie: Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) and Strategy
Entwickler: AR1iDev LujiTV

Hello everybody !
Today I present to PokémonGo Bot. You need to download and run it on your computer.
Here is a video in French:

In English. Download the file and extract its contents into your reception record. Then start "PokemonGo.RocketAPI.Console.exe" and connect you.

Once connected you can translate the software with the upper flags.

Does not alter the traveling range of "5000". Do not put more than 10km / h speed.

First check the "Start walk from default position." Then uncheck it for future use.

To not get banned, you move in the world taking into account the travel time by plane.

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Do not touch the options: Telegram & Device Settings.

If you are set up the same as me, except at the "Other Setting" it is customizable. Then click on the link below "Save configuration / Start Bot".

To calculate journey: http://vol-duree.com/

Thanks and notation downloading the file are appreciated.

Pokemon Go Bot