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B0 - WM, iBerianOps Hack v1.6.1

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Kategorie: Call of Duty: Black Ops

- F1: Crosshair
- F2: Boxes
- F3: Aimbot
- F4: Aimbone (Center/Chest/Head)
- F5: Radar
- F6: No-Recoil (and no-spread in CT)
- F7: Auto-knife
- F8: Reload Config.ini

- This hack only works on windows vista, 7 and 8.
- An windows-aero theme must be activated.
- You have to run iBerianOps in windowed-mode.
- Enable the hacks with F1-F8.
- You may need to change the knife-key in the Config.ini.
- You can change the Auto-Knife range in the Config.ini.
- Hold down the right-mouse-button to aim at the enemy closest to your crosshair.
- Make sure there is only ONE .dat file in the folder with 'B0 WM.bat'.
(The name of the .dat changes every time you run 'B0 WM.bat')
- If you hack to obvious and someone records it, your account may get reported and banned.

How to use:
0. Extract the files (to a new/empty folder).
1. Run 'B0 WM.bat'.
2. Start iBerianOps in windowed-mode.
3. Use F1-F8 to activate hacks.

Virus scans:
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https://www.oldschoolhack.me/hackdata/screenshot/thumb/35dbd5d9cd318ccb5b242d960ac93387.jpg https://www.oldschoolhack.me/hackdata/screenshot/thumb/898dc6e0b601a3e471887f200db9b179.jpg https://www.oldschoolhack.me/hackdata/screenshot/thumb/f8cf5b67a2024a4223efa337fd43117d.jpg

[CoDBO] B0 - WM, iBerianOps Hack v1.6.1

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does its works on win10?
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malware bitch