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[REQUEST]Need a wh for cod4 v1.8-1.5

icon [REQUEST]Need a wh for cod4 v1.8-1.5 #1

Anmeldungsdatum: Nov 2015

Beiträge: 6

Guys and fellow hackers/modders
Pls help me and many peeps like me who got cod4 v1.8.I usd about 10-15 hacks/dlls no one worked.Pls give a hack who u use or u know it works pls pls, im desperate!

icon #2

Anmeldungsdatum: Nov 2016

Beiträge: 1

Yeah i need it 2 its rly hard to find it for v1.8
icon #3

Anmeldungsdatum: Apr 2018

Beiträge: 1

tinha que ter para 1.8 atualize ai pls