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COD2 External MultiHack

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* Features
         o Aimbot
         o Name Esp
         o Distance Esp
         o Radar
         o Punkbuster Screenshots and Game Screenshoots are Clean(for clan playing or whatever )
         o X-ray Modules/ProcessList bypass( fakes your ProcessList )
         o X-ray Clean Screenshots(sometimes does not work im to lazy for fixing it)
         o Punkbuster Cvar scan bypass
         o Punkbuster MD5Tool scan bypass

Compatible for:

windows 98 (pb kicks you for unknown program driver)
windows 2000
Windows XP SP2
Windows XP SP3
Windows 7
Windows vista
Call of duty 2 Version 1.3
Punkbuster MUST be up to date.

How to use:
Simple click the EX_COD2Bot.exe you will get a message box, press ok and point to COD2 mp.exe (http://www.uc-forum.com/forum/attach...1&d=1258357284)
Press F3 for Enable/Disable - ESP
Press F4 for Enable/Disable - Aimbot

NOTES:The hack does not inject at the first time you need to click it again.

Download COD2 External MultiHack


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Spiel stürzt nach dem ladebildschirm ab! wie bei deinem für Cod 4 KN4CK3R


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Virenprogramm schlägt an ?
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how u download bro wheres the link to da file?