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cuBot CoD2 1.0

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Anmeldungsdatum: Aug 2007

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The features include:
   - Traditional wallhack
   - Name and distance ESP with faded effect when hidden
   - Autoshoot and autosight
   - Customisable radar
   - Target information display
   - No recoil
   - Aimbot
       = Instant aim
       = Curved human aim (uses sine wave) - includes options for frequency, amplitude and speed
       = Velocity based prediction
       = Aim priorities and vectors
       = Aim keys
       = Customisable FOV (field of \'view\')

These are the features I was intending to add (had I finished it), in case anyone wants to complete it:
   - Hitbox based aimbot
   - Chameleons and coloured models
   - Logarithmic spiral based human aim (worth a try)
   - Kill/death statistics (already there, just nothing happening with them)

Do what you like with this source code, but please credit me if you release anything with it.

Download cuBot CoD2 1.0


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Anmeldungsdatum: Sep 2009

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hmm... ich habe alles gemacht was das programm sagt aber irwie kommt das /cu_aimbot nicht in cod
hab alles gleich cod2 v. 1.0

hab das programm soger in den ordner gesteckt tu den anklicken dann muss ich doch CoD2MP_s auswählen oder?
naja bis dahin bin ich gekommen dann bin ich cod gegangen und das gleich ausprobiert wie auf dem screen aber das kommt irwie nicht ka
kann mir einer helfen?
wäre nett