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BF4 MinimalTactics v5.2

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MinimalTactics v5.2 has been released for the public

UNDETECTED: 25-08-2018

  • Crosshair
  • ESP

Run the game in Windowed or Borderless mode!
First load up the game wait till the menu is loaded ALT+TAB out and run the hack

/hackdata/screenshot/thumb/3e541485314b5fa67412f17ca7f65ba9.jpg /hackdata/screenshot/thumb/3b779793deca1684889ce656f0d3f062.jpg

BF4 MinimalTactics v5.2

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Anmeldungsdatum: Aug 2018

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Nice one dude thanks ! The only negative tho is, that it lags alot when  i use it, not FPS tho FPS are not changing a bit but the game runs very laggy then as if you play with 30 fps even though FPS are not changing, how  can i fix it   ? 
Zuletzt geändert von fasfsfsfa (Do 30. Aug 2018, 12:58)

Grund: Tested why its Lagging

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sharlles (So 26. Jan 2020, 03:32)
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thanks for this!
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why is this exe virus omg
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Bitcoin miner care 
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well wont open up

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works well but team esp and crosshair is not necessary in terms of performance
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FAKE hack
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es una mierda detected