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Minimap Spotting
ESP DrawDistance ( play with this to get the least performance penalty, do note that there is a standard performance penalty of +- 20 FPS! and turn off VSync!)
2D ESP (soldier and tanks)
Box color == Health
Green > 60
Orange > 40
Red > 20
Ditched GDI+ and went to the older GDI.
FPS Slider (Higher FPS = Smoother ESP = Higher CPU usage)
MaxFov ( Targets enemy's within that FOV/Angle Range)
Smooth Factor
Bone Selector (Head, Neck, Spine1, Spine2)

How to use:
1. Install AutoHotKey ( x64 Latest Version!)
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2. Unzip all files to the same folder
2.5 Run BF4 in Borderless mode (No FullScreen)
3. Run BF4Hack.ahk with admin privelage
4. when ingame Press: Windowskey + n to show menu


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Scheint Müll zu sein
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how to close the program??
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Nice its work!
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Hack works !!!! Thanks

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I can't install it I can't understand your installing Guide Please If you Can make A video about installing
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Dont work.
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its perfect
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This Aimbot thing is not working for me correctly.. idk.. if i aim something hes aiming beside or under the target.. so its not possible to hit him... HEEEELP^^

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still undetected and works fine
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still undedectet ?
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got banned