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BF2142 1.51 SPOOFER

icon BF2142 1.51 SPOOFER #1

Anmeldungsdatum: Aug 2007

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Kategorie: Battlefield 2142
Entwickler: SunFlares

Main features:
  • Copying rank of other players
  • Blocking acces to spoofed people on the server you are on.
  • Unlock all weapons and abilities
  • ADD BF2 Veteran icon next to your rank (works only if u spoof BF2 veteran)

How to use:
  • Start THIS program
  • Start your BF2142 game
  • Log into the target soldier (the soldier u want to spoof)
  • Go outgame and enter the PID(player id) of the target.
  • Press the big spoof pid button.
  • Join a server and see the result!
  • Close the program after those steps because running it in background might affect performance or anti-cheat software may pick it up.

  • Use at own risk and have fun
  • The effect of the spoofer will wear off if u logout or quit the game
  • If u encounter bugs please pm Sunflares on the UC-forum

  • Undetected

BF2142 1.51 SPOOFER