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Arma2 Mega Darky Hack

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Description: This is Mega Darky Hack. It includes Darky hack, bugfast hack, loki hack, proving ground and a lot of my scripts and imrovements. Almost every script was improved:
1.Infinite ammo - script was improved so when you shoot with a machine gun, all bullets are tracers, so it allows you to see where you shot
2.Intigrated gcam - allows to observe any character and animal, very good tool for making video
3.Chernarus life menu - allows to add different items like food, suicide bombs, money etc etc
4.No need to type name of the victim anymore, now you just choose name from the dropdown-menu box.
5.Repair button allows to heal yourself and it will also fix your vehicle if you are inside it
6.Teleport was improved, now it allows you to teleport on buildings, you can control height of teleporting
7.Gerk Menu allows to control weather, time of day, fog, clouds and rain for individual players or for all.
8.Spawn Soldier Menu - allows you to spawn soldiers and chose some additional parameters before spawn like side ... etc etc
9.Debug Menu - 3 debuggers to your disposal: proving debugger with code highlighting, debugger which goes with Loki and Darky debugger
10.Bullet Replacement button - allows to replace your bullets with -anything- you want. Shoot with bombs, planes, choppers, buildings etc etc!
11 Advanced carpet bombing system- Allows to choose ammo type, radius and hight. If you use mines as ammotype you can place them all over the sky.
12.Flare button - Attaches a flare above you and you start to shine bright as a supernova. Works only for night time
13.HALO button - allows to HALO jump on map click.
14.CB button spawns near your position car bomb with complementary civillian.
15.Poving button allows to spawn any vehicle, weapon in the game. It also has bullet cam, good debugger etc, etc..
16.Sounds button allows you to listen to custom sunds. Please note that it only works localy and only you will hear it.
17.Unfreeze button prevents you and other hackers from disabling your input.
18.Ship button attaches a huge ship full of cannons, Anti Air and heavy mg shooting everything they see
19.Sniper menu adds a sniper rifle and some other interesting weapons to you.
20.Smoke attaches flamboyantly colored smoke grenades behind your player model. It's awesome.
21.God mode was improved, now its a real god mode
22.Delete Menu allows to delete nearby items.
Some otions were not described because you all know what they do lol
Pls note that admin tool and some extremly dengerous scripts were removed
Darky for original version
Gerk for making this huge update and whole work
Pls note that this is not the lates hack based on Darky i have. I have like 7-8 method of undertcting it so i ll post them in next relise
Updated: this is a version based on method i was talking you about. It bypasses doolitle kiddy unticheat
a)call hack with hot keys! by pressing left ctrl+left win (pls note that first you should press Esc button and press button "fuck you Doolitle")
b) look at object and press del button to delete it
c)Hold left shift when you are in vehicle to boost! up to 400 km/h in car and up to 4000! km/h in plane
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How can i edit the activate button?


Hey guys, I'm new to coding. So please be nice to me.
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My youtube channel.
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how to use this, please help!