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DayZ 0.61 hack sources.

This is detected, so you WILL get global ban for using this. But you can use it on cracked 0.61 servers like 420gaming.

How it works:
Launcher.exe unpacks Loader.dll, searches BEService.exe and DayZ_BE.exe, then suspends the last one. Then it manual maps ByPass.dll (hooking CreateFileW to bypass the whitelisting of an API loaded dll) to BEService.exe, writes Loader.dll to AppInit_DLLs and resumes DayZ_BE.exe. Loader.dll manual maps Core.dll to DayZ.exe, thats all.

How to compile:
1. Compile Debug/Release - Core
2. Compile Debug/Release - Launcher

In Release build you will get single exe, that does all work for you.

Warning: BattleEye bypass works only on Windows 7.


Overlord Project

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Anmeldungsdatum: Feb 2017

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Thank you for the great workout for me to practice, even if he is no longer safe because I would like to write my own private cheat for DayZ ... Because all DayZ Standalone cheat providers just a withdraw or the cheat is already detected ... Have you many Helpful tips for me? I know it is very difficult for DayZ Standalone to write a cheat but I just want to try it And guilty for my bad english xD
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Anmeldungsdatum: Mai 2015

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I dont seem to understand how to install the cheat, if you culd help me it wuld be great. Nice work keep the cheats comming
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Anmeldungsdatum: Dez 2017

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how to install