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Kategorie: Arma 2 (DayZ)
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This is for DayZ SA 0.52

Player esp (Head and Body vectors and distance)
Zombie esp (Head and Body vectors and distance)
Car esp (Box esp and distance)
Murder mode (Player)
Murder mode (Zombie)
Minimal Town Esp
Fly hack/ Swim Hack
Almost instant TP can be buggy

No Grass
No Fatigue
No Recoil
Steady Aim
60 second "Time to live" For Bullets

All features are always on

This will only work with windows 7/Vista, and in windowed mode.
Start the hack at main menu, you will see if it works.

The Destroyer!


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How do this work, like how to i open the menu ingame? And How do i know if its work?