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Coltonon Hack v5.2d

Download (304.95 KB)

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Added Sniper mode: For when using dlt19x in first person mode, adjusts aimbot prediction for that.
Ammo hacks: Multiple layers of the menu now, the second one is all ammo hacks. Use arrow keys to select ammo types that are yellow. To turn an ammo type yellow, you must equip the weapon first. So after you select a pulse cannon, the pulse cannon option will show up and you can set regular blasters to shot it.

Feature List:
  • Damage Multiplier: 1/2/3/4/100
  • Enemy ESP Boxes
  • Enemy Names
  • Enemy Bones
  • Enemy Health
  • Enemy Snaplines
  • Enemy Chams
  • Team ESP Boxes
  • Team Names
  • Team Bones
  • Team Health
  • Team Snaplines
  • Team Chams
  • Enemy Vehicle Boxes
  • Enemy Vehicle Chams
  • Team Vehicle Boxes
  • Team Vehicle Chams
  • Available Turret Chams
  • Pickup ESP Boxes
  • Pickup Snaplines
  • Pickup Names
  • Grenade Boxes
  • Grenade Snaplines
  • Bomb Boxes
  • Bomb Snaplines
  • Crosshair on screen
  • Auto Reload
  • Instant Jumppack
  • Anti - Melee Jump Pack
  • Aimbot Key
  • Aimbot Aiming Box Size
  • Aimbot Aiming Mode (closest to crosshairs in box/closest to player in box)
  • Aimbot Rage Mode
  • Rate of Fire
  • SP Infinite Star Cards
  • SP Star Cards Fully Auto

_____________________________________ v5.2b
  • Aimbot Bone Selection
  • Aimbot Work as Heros
  • Aimbot Works Against Heros
  • Aimbot Works as & Against Heros
  • Aimbot Aim Prediction
  • Aimbot Aim Smoothing
  • SP Never Ending Charge Cards

Download Coltonon Hack v5.2d
I stopped using this cheat, everyone else should do that, too ...
How do I apply it to the game?
it works perfekt : ) 
it crashed for me when i started a game, but in singelplayer it was good
doesn t work for me need help
game crash all the time is there any fix?
Works Perfect. NO BAN : ) 05.05.2018
ban ? 
Zitat von nero054 post
Are you working on one for Battlefront II?
Any news on a version compatible with the new Battlefront II?
muss ich die dateien ins spiel einfügen und das wars dann ?