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Coltonon Hack v5.2c

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Feature List:
  • Damage Multiplier: 1/2/3/4/100
  • Enemy ESP Boxes
  • Enemy Names
  • Enemy Bones
  • Enemy Health
  • Enemy Snaplines
  • Enemy Chams
  • Team ESP Boxes
  • Team Names
  • Team Bones
  • Team Health
  • Team Snaplines
  • Team Chams
  • Enemy Vehicle Boxes
  • Enemy Vehicle Chams
  • Team Vehicle Boxes
  • Team Vehicle Chams
  • Available Turret Chams
  • Pickup ESP Boxes
  • Pickup Snaplines
  • Pickup Names
  • Grenade Boxes
  • Grenade Snaplines
  • Bomb Boxes
  • Bomb Snaplines
  • Crosshair on screen
  • Auto Reload
  • Instant Jumppack
  • Anti - Melee Jump Pack
  • Aimbot Key
  • Aimbot Aiming Box Size
  • Aimbot Aiming Mode (closest to crosshairs in box/closest to player in box)
  • Aimbot Rage Mode
  • Rate of Fire
  • SP Infinite Star Cards
  • SP Star Cards Fully Auto

  • Aimbot Bone Selection
  • Aimbot Work as Heros
  • Aimbot Works Against Heros
  • Aimbot Works as & Against Heros
  • Aimbot Aim Prediction
  • Aimbot Aim Smoothing
  • SP Never Ending Charge Cards

Aimbot Key Changes which key to press to start aiming. Current keys are "E", "RCLICK" (right mouse button), and "AUTO". Auto will aim at any enemy as soon as one is within the box.

Aimbot Aiming Box Size This is sort of like FOV. Its a box on your screen in the middle, that determines what enemies will be aimed at. Any players inside that box, will be aimed at. Players are then selected by the aiming mode, covered next. To be safe, keep this below 25%.

Aimbot Aiming Mode This determines which player in the box will be targeted. The "DISTANCE" setting will target the closest player TO YOU in that box. This is usually what should be used. "CROSSHAIR" will aim at the closest player to your crosshairs, regardless of their distance. This means there could be a guy two meters in front of you, but you might accidentally aim at the dude 100m behind him, since you were closer to that guy when you pressed the aiming key. I use this when sniping.

Aimbot Rage Mode This is buggy as hell. This will set your damage multiplier to 100x, and automatically aim at a player in your box. It will then shoot for you. This only works with fully auto guns, and the recoil can throw it off. You probably will get banned for using this online...

Rate Of Fire This boosts your rate of fire. For fully auto guns, this will result in greatly increased damage. For semi auto guns, if you aim down sights, you can now shoot as fast as you can click. This works best with things like chewbacca's bow caster, or things like the t21b. It will also make burst guns like the ee3 fire all shots at once.

: Show/Hide menu, up/down arrows to navigate menu, left/right arrows to enable/disable/change value. Aimbot controls are listed above

Run in windowed borderless mode, on 1920x1080. Lower resolutions and the menu won't fully appear. Also the game will look like ass.

Please leave a comment if you notice any bugs.
Some Hero pickups don't show, this is because only a few pickups in the game don't have pbspherelightentitys. Fault of the method I'm using. Autoreload isn't very reliable. Instant jump sometimes doesn't work, I have absolutely no idea why. All of the pointers are good, but sometimes writing a cardstate won't work.

Download Coltonon Hack v5.2c
I stopped using this cheat, everyone else should do that, too ...
How do I apply it to the game?
it works perfekt : ) 
it crashed for me when i started a game, but in singelplayer it was good
doesn t work for me need help
game crash all the time is there any fix?
Works Perfect. NO BAN : ) 05.05.2018
ban ? 
Zitat von nero054 post
Are you working on one for Battlefront II?
Any news on a version compatible with the new Battlefront II?
muss ich die dateien ins spiel einfügen und das wars dann ?