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AVA Public Antikick & Antireport hack loader

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Attention: This hack may not work on 32bit systems and Windows 8! If it does then you're lucky, if not then don't post anything about it instead of spamming the thread.

Antikick(/Report): Makes other players unable to kick you ingame. When this function gets enabled before joining a game, the players are also unable to report you (You can check this if you can see your name and an empty loading bar on the top right of the screen ingame). When you get kicked ingame while having this function activated, you will automatically switch your team instead of getting kicked (Known bugs: Sometimes you do not get any rewards after a game).

1.)Run the .exe
2.)Wait for the "Waiting for AVA..." window to appear
3.)Start AVA 
4.)If the "Waiting for AVA..." changed to "Success!" after some seconds the hack is successfully injected.

1.)Start this hack BEFORE starting AVA.
2.)ONLY working for UAVA hosted by AeriaGames.

Download AVA Public Antikick & Antireport hack loader
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