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Darky Arma2 Multi Hack 1.3

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  • System: Windows
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Darky Arma2 Multi Hack 1.3 Screenshot
Darky Arma2 Multi Hack 1.3 Screenshot
Darky Arma2 Multi Hack 1.3 Screenshot


What’s new

   More effective BattlEye Bypass


   Player ID Spoofer
   Extended Name Changer (support for: hexadecimal code eg: \xFF or \x00\xFF)
   Script/Code Executer (with templates, save time!)


   Extract the "Darky Arma2 Multi Hack 2011.zip" to any folder.
   Start the game.
   Alt + Tab if you in FullScreen, and run the "Darky Loader.exe"
   Wait until the DLL is injected
   Click on the ID Spoofing checkbox to activate the ID Spoofer
   Choose the Spoof Option and Join a game...
   Alt + Tab again
   Select a template or type the code into the editor
   press Execute Code and-> bingo

Templates Info:
87 Templates are included by default, but you can add many more.

To use templates while in game Alt+Tab select the template form Listbox, alt+tab back and press the shortcut key (shift = by default) or alt+tab back again and press execute code

Here's the default template list:

Hello Wolrd
God Mode 1 -  ON/OFF
God Mode 2 - ON/OFF
Infinite Ammo ON/OFF
Silly Smoke ON/OFF
Kill a Player by Name
Kill 'Em All
Admin Fucker
Repair me
Invisibility 1 ON/OFF
Crash Player by Name
Crash 'Em All
Lock Player by Name
Fuck player Chooper 1 by Name
Fuck player Chooper 2 by Name
Fuck All Choppers
No RespawnTime
Fly 'Em All - HIGH
Fly 'EM All - LOW
Play Music on Player by Name
Player Music for All
No Fog
Good Weather
Extended View Distance
Joker Message to All
Disarm 'Em All
Make me Admin
Kick Player by Name
Ban Player by Name
Shutdown server
Force VoteKick by Player Name
Force Admin Logout
Force VoteRestart
Lock the Server
Unlock The Server
Execute ServerSide Admin Command
Lock 'EM All
Add Weapon
Zargabad Life - Add 5Mil to the  Bank
Zargabad Life - Add 1Mil to the Bank
Zargabad Life - Add 100K $$ to Inventory
Zargabad Life - Add 1Mil to the Inventory
Zargabad Life - Remove All Bank Money
Zargabad Life - Increased Bank Limit
Zargabad Life - Increased Inventory Money Limit
Zargabad Life - 100% Lockpick success
Zargabad Life - Unrestrain
Zargabad Life - Be a cop
Zargabad Life - Faster Respawn
Zargabad Life -  Anti-Stun
Zargabad Life - Free Gang Creation
Zargabad Life - Double Gang Income
Zargabad Life - Force Gang Leader
Zargabad Life - Force Mayor
Zargabad Life - Double your paycheck
Zargabad Life - Free Factory Workers
Zargabad Life - Double Factory Workers Limit
Zargabad Life - Restore Bank Vaults Money
Zargabad Life - Play LSD
Zargabad Life - Play Marijuana
Zargabad Life - Free Cop from Jail
Zargabad Life - Free Civ from Jail
Zargabad Life - Add Item to Inventory
Zargabad Life - Play LSD For All
Spawn a Tank
Arma2 Tank List
Arma2 Air Vehicles
Arma2 Wheeled Vehicles
Carpet bombing
Force VoteAdmin by Player Name
Warfare BE - Force Commander (ON)
Warfare BE - Force Commander (OFF)
Warfare BE - Add 100K Funds
Warfare BE - Add 5Mil Funds
Warfare BE - Set 100K Supplies
Warfare BE - Mark HQ

Note 1: when using the "Custom ID" spoof option, you can use hexadecimal syntax eg: \xFF or \x00\xFF or darky\x21

Note 2: when typing the new name in EditBox, you can use hexadecimal syntax eg: \xFF or \x00\xFF or darky\x21

Note 3: you should Rename Darky_Arma2_MultiHack.dll to something random eg: 4ht34ht4.dll.

Note 4: When rename the dll to random a name you will need to change the value at the loader_settings.ini file, default is "Dll = Darky_Arma2_MultiHack.dll"

Note 5: remove all your previous pbo hacks, don't use other hacks with this one!

Workarounds for crashes/injection issues:

1. (crashing while injecting/loading) :
Start the game first ,let it load up then Alt+Tab and open injector wait until it injects and then Alt+Tab back.

1a. (crashing while injecting/loading) :
Use a different injector eg: Wininject

1b. (crashing while injecting/loading) :
Open the loader_settings.ini and increase the "Injection_delay"

Injection_delay = 2000 <- this the default value (in miliseconds) = 2secs
Injection_delay = 15000 <- (miliseconds) = 15secs

1c. (crashing while injecting/loading) :
Open the loader_settings.ini and change the "Injection_method" to 1

Injection_method = 2 <- default (NtCreateThreadEx)
Injection_method = 1 <- (CreateRemoteThread)

1d. (crashing while injecting/loading) :
Open the DK_MultiHack_Settings.ini in settings folder and change the
"name_change" to 1

eg: name_change = 0

2. (crashing while executing script):
Don't run scripts so fast <- 1 sec

Game Support:

   Arma 2 - 1.10 (tested on steam version *only)
   Arma 2: Free - 1.10
   Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead - 1.59 (tested on steam version *only)

OS Support:

   Windows 7 (x86 = tested) (x64 = tested)
   Windows Vista
   Windows XP SP2/SP3


   Previous versions -> Darky Arma 2 Multi-Hack 2011
       New Battleye Bypass
       Some internal fixes

Known Issues:

   *Some crashes in Arma II 1.10
   *Some variable locality problems: workaround -> use Global variable Variables - Bohemia Interactive Community

Detection status: BattlEye Detected (last check = 6/10/2011)

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