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[C&C3] Interior Transparent Walls

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  • Kategorie: Other FPS Games
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  • Hochgeladen von: KN4CK3R
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  • System: Windows
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With these transparent interior walls you can shoot and watch the outside from the inside of a building. Just copy these W3D files to your Westwood/Renegade/Data/ folder and try it out.

File Name: Description:
mgpwr_int_n.w3d GDI Power plant interior
mgagd_int_n.w3d GDI AGT interior
mgbar_int_n.w3d GDI Barracks interior
mgref_int_n.w3d GDI Refinery interior
mgwep_int_n02.w3d GDI Weapons Factory interior
mnref_int_n.w3d NOD Refinery interior
mnhnd_int_n.w3d Hand of NOD interior
mnpwr_int_n.w3d NOD Power plant interior
mnobl_int_n.w3d NOD Obelisk interior
mnatr_int_n.w3d NOD Airstrip interior (just the part with the PTs)