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Ghost In The Shell: First Assault - Direct3D Hook - Version 1.3

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  • System: Windows
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Ghost In The Shell: First Assault - Direct3D Hook - Version 1.3 Screenshot


NOTE: ESP1.PNG is used for my ESP don't delete !

- Aimbot
- Auto-Shoot
- Box ESP
- Distance ESP
- Triangle ESP
- Wallhack
- Color Model ( Chams )
- Occlusion ( doesn't work properly )
- Crosshair
- Wire-Frame
- Unlimited Ammo
- Unlimited Nades
- Unlimited Clips
- Hide Weapon
- No Recoil

How To Use
- Download Extreme Injector by Master ( Search UnknownCheats )
- Extract GITS FA.rar in the same folder as the Injector
- Copy esp1.png in your game's folder ( view read me.txt )
- Run Injector, set process as "GAME.exe"
- Settings for Injector: Manual Map, Auto Inject, Stealth Inject, Erase PE, Hide Module.
- Select the GITSFA-1.4.dll File and add it to the Injector.
- Use Insert to Show/Hide menu.

Should be working on all Operating System.

Tested Operating System
Windows 10 x64
Windows 7 x64

Known Bugs
- Aimbot aims both teams, no check .. Lower FOV level.
- ESP draws 2 times ( bad log )
- Wallhack can only show if you are close enough even after occlusion.
- Hide Weapon can sometimes crash your in-game sound ( windows 10 )

Follow these steps if "detected"

You're gonna have to delete your temp files. C:\TEMP
Use an MD5 Changer for the .dll ( Search the forums ).
Reinstall gitsfa if needed.
Create a new account, have fun.

Download Ghost In The Shell: First Assault - Direct3D Hook - Version 1.3

If I had read, I woulda noticed that too... lol
i get bann by this hackhttps://scontent-mrs1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t35.0-12/17310697_1357186757660622_348648398_o.png?oh=1930e97340d22116a442a84aa0293f2a&oe=58CC3879
there must be an other hack with all the features above, but still undetected. do someone know more?
jup, an update would be really nice. i am also willing to make a donation for an updated & working version
Can upload source code
update please
pls update this hack, game crashes
game crashes
Game Crash
The leech is real.