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Insurgency BrightSkin Mod

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  • System: Windows
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Insurgency BrightSkin Mod Screenshot
Insurgency BrightSkin Mod Screenshot


This mod changes the color of the enemy's skin - Security is Green and Insurgent is Red.
This is not a hack that will get you banned because it is not an injection or EXE file, it is simply a modification of the player skins!

To install the modification you need to install the file and locate your DIR for Insurgency.
Once found you need to click insurgency then make a folder called custom if you do not already have it.
Go into your custom folder and create a folder called skins, in that folder make a folder called materials, then a folder in that called models then a folder called player, and finally inside of the player folder insert all of the folders I have included in the zip.

Download Insurgency BrightSkin Mod
Zitat von markusgeburt;
Не работает для меня ... все правильно ... хм помогите?
Работает всё,если хочешь помогу вот вк slav4ikmaestro
Doesn´t work for me..did everything right.... hmm help?