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ped dropper v1.0.5

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  • Kategorie: Grand Theft Auto V
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  • System: Windows
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ped-dropper v1.0.5:
- Updated for GTA V v.1.42
- Use one exe for both RSC & Steam
- Add support for overriding the GTA AFK timeouts
- Add attempt to stop being kicked from GTA Online when dropping too fast

Download ped dropper v1.0.5
Kategorie: Grand Theft Auto V
Entwickler: Kiddion

To use it:
  • Download the external mod
  • Start GTA 5 and wait until you are in-game.
  • Once the game has fully loaded, start the ped-dropper executable. For Steam you may need to run it "As Administrator", depending on how Steam was started.
  • Find a good spot to stand still for a while without any roof over your head. The pier, close to the "do not cross" wooden fence has proven to be an excellent spot, since most of the day a lot of human NPCs are spawned by the game.
  • To start the hack, press Numpad+. This will start/increase the max rate of peds dropped per second. Numpad- will decrease the maximum rate. There are currently 13 steps, ranging from limiting up to 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 320 peds/second max.
  • Just stand still at the same spot and receive all the money falling from the sky. Most money pickups will add 2500 to your bank account. Since the mod is external, not all peds may teleport correctly and some will die elsewhere and some will not spawn any money pickup. (Alternatively you could start walking around and grab the money pickups after they have fallen on the floor behind you.)
  • Press Numpad- key a couple of times to stop money from dropping.
  • The executable will close itself once GTA5 is no longer running.

- Use Shop Cash hash for money pickups, so the 60k limit is no longer an issue anymore (until R* updates that!).
- Increase default money value to 2500.
- By default, disable kick-prevention (for being kicked after too many failing transactions)
- Remove money limitations, the game itself will enforce these limitation when online, otherwise you can drop 2B in single player if you want to.

Ped Dropper v1.0.6
Need an Update!! the Christmas patch outdated this!!! please update!!
how to start it
Goes up to 60k then stops
Zitat von AleatorioJr post
when it reaches 60k it does not increase any more
Same for me
It works but after ~500k the money rain goes on, but i dont get the money. Does anybody know what to do?
It makes the animation of collecting the money but my credits dont go higher
It works. Use ingame the + and -!
Zitat von OokamiKuro post
Not working for me
me too 
I use Windows 10 and when i try nothing happens.....
Fix this prob plz
when it reaches 60k it does not increase any more