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OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.1

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OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.1 Screenshot


OldSchoolHack Fusion
by KN4CK3R

- Tribes:Ascend Update 1.0.1185.0
- Battlefield: Heroes Update 1.97.243283.0 (you can move the gui mouse only at the main menu )
- fixed Call of Duty 4 minimap/airstrike map not showing
- fixed Call of Duty 4 NoRecoil/Spread (in zoommode only)

- fixed Day of Defeat:Source
- removed AimType CrosshairDistance (if you used it you can use FOV 180)
- added Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 1.7
- added F10 as new gui toggle key
- added AimbotSticky feature to deactivate aimbot following targets

- added Team Fortress 2 building esp
- added Tribes:Ascend AutoShoot
- GUI can't be moved out of the window

1. Run OSHFusionUnique.exe and choose OSHFusion.exe.
  This will randomize your copy of OSHFusion.
2. Delete OSHFusionUnique.exe now! You don't need it anymore.
3. Run OSHFusion.exe (will have a random name now).
4. Choose the game you want to hack.
5. Inject the hack or choose the autoinject option. Autoinject should be prefered
  if you start the game in fullscreen mode.

OSHFusion Injector randomizes OSHFusion.dll on every load.
You COULD but SHOULDN'T use another injector!

Q: How do I open the menu?
A: Press Insert or F10.

Q: Why can't I move the gui mouse?
A: Most games lock the mouse while playing. Just open a menu and it will work.

Q: ESP flickers / OSHFusion crashes often in Source Engine games.
A: Deactivate Multicore Rendering in advanced graphics options.


-Enemy only

-Enemy only


-different Aimkeys
-selectable bones

happy fragging

Download OldSchoolHack Fusion 1.1.1
hier als quasi Weihnachtsgeschenk von mir


- fixed Day of Defeat:Source / Team Fortress 2 crash
- SourceEngine: fixed esp'ing spectators

greetz KN4CK3R
Rechtsklick-> als Administrator ausführen.
Running on: 'Windows 7 Professional - Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit'
WARNING: I am not running as admin
Drag a file onto me, or select a file with the [...] button.
Hint: Take a look at the context menu to select the verbosity.

das kommt bei mir, is das mit dem admin schlimm? wie bekomm ich denn die adminrechte?
Zitat von JanTTuX
TF2 needs to be fixed, crash after joining a server. (Because of update)
CSS works fine.
dod:S crash to.
TF2 needs to be fixed, crash after joining a server. (Because of update)
CSS works fine.
also ich mein wenn ich die OSHfusion öffenen will in der OSHFusionunique
kann mir einer helfen? Wenn ich OSHFusion.exe öffen will sagt er ich hab keine rechte dazu auch nicht wenn ichs als admin ausführ! die einige Datei die geht is die Readme! an was kann dass liegen?
Knacker, this cheat NOw is unvaiable, all steam engines crash with the 1.1.1
Please help us, you are so great
KN4CK3R can you please fix the aimbot FOV in Tribes Ascend?
The aimbot will not target targets underneath or above my player when set to a FOV less than 180. When set to a smaller fov like 60 it will only target targets 30 degrees above or below the horizon. I think you should fix the FOV to target targets 30 degrees above or below the crosshair position. That way, when a target is high in the air I can put my crosshair on it and the aimbot will lock on instead me moving my elevation with jetpack to obtain a lock on the target. If you fix this, the aimbot will be flawless.
fixed TF2 wegen Update