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Universal Aimbot 2.4

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[RELEASE] Universal Aimbot 2.4 - VAC Proof Forever Color Aimbot

Short introduction:

This little program will help you get headshots. All it does is take a lot of screenshots of the game, a little image analysis, then moves the mouse for you in cs:s. This aimbot is superior to other aimbots out there since it does a bit block transfer directly to an array, then the array is split into colors using minimal cpu usage. All other aimbots that I've encountered use getpixel which is about 200 times slower.

Release date: January 5, 2012 (2.4)

VAC status: VAC proof forever. It doesn't modify the game in any way. All it does is take screenshots of the game and move your mouse.

Requirements: There are 3 requirements that should be met.

1. You will need colored skin CT models or colored T models which a material wallhack has, the models can be any color. For example this: http://www.mediafire.com/?s8lsxp8i87r5m7i

2. .NET framework 4.0 is required. You should have it already through windows update.

3. Run valve games in WINDOWED MODE.

Solution to problems:

-The aimbot is targeting corpses:
Type cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 0 in console
I don't know how to install the material wallhack
-The aimbot is shaking too much:
Lower the aimbot sensitivity and disable any CSS mouse acceleration
Type cl_showfps 2 in console and change graphic settings to increase FPS to over 60
Try using the default aimbot settings instead of playing with the numbers

-Disable V-SYNC
The Aimbot does nothing at all

-Make sure raw mouse input in css is disabled

-You need a colored player model to target.


-Run the game in windowed mode

-The aimbot keeps aiming upward
Your crosshair is the same color as what you are trying to target, why don't you set the crosshair to green? by typing cl_crosshaircolor 0.

-The aimbot aims too slowly
Increase the aimbot sensitivity

-What settings should I use with the default aimbot settings
Windows mouse sensitivity should be on the 6th notch, windows enhanced precision disabled, the CSS mouse sensitivity your using should be entered in the aimbot, and CSS mouse acceleration disabled.

What settings you should look out for:

Disable vertical sync
not doing so will cause the aimbot to aim very badly.

Disable anti-aliasing
Aimbot won't work with it enabled.

Disable RAW mouse imput
Aimbot won't work with it enabled.

Disable motion blur
Causes smearing which could throw the aimbot off.

Disable HDR
Can cause more smearing with transparent textures.

Very transparent wallhack
Very transparent wallhacks can cause severe color smearing in certain areas of maps.

Anything less than 65 FPS (or monitor HZ)
will cause the aimbot to wobble and shake regardless of sensitivity, type cl_showfps 2 and lower settings until FPS is near or above 60 at all times.

No css mouse acceleration:
CSS mouse acceleration isn't for noobs, but setting this to a small amount could help track strafing enemies.

Windows enhanced pointer precision:
Not known if this effects CSS, prolly should keep it enabled to help track strafing enemies if it does do anything.

Mouse filter:
Probably should be disabled since it will average mouse movements making tracking strafing enemies more difficult

Windowed mode:
Always go windowed mode on CS:S/TF2 based valve games - for other games try fullscreen mode.

UA aimbot sensitivity:
You will definitely need to adjust this and find the correct sensitivity. The correct sensitivity also changes for different screen resolutions. Later vers I plan on having the aimbot find the correct setting. Keep raising the sensitivity if the aimbot is failing to track far enemies strafing and lower if the aimbot is shaking too much.

Amount to shift down/Amount to shift right:
These can be set to negative values. The amount to shift down should be set more            when sniping since enemies are enlarged.

Multi-core rendering:
Enable this, it will increase your FPS if you got a multi-core cpu. But disable              it if TF2 goes BSOD.

Universal Aimbot likes high FPS

Universal aimbot doesn't work well with 65fps. UA runs much better with FPS between 120-300. To get higher FPS, first set mat_dxlevel 80 in console. Then after you do that cs:s will automatically set your other graphic settings to medium/high, so set all of those to low. You can use trilinear instead of bilinear though.

You MUST run valve games (CS:S, TF2, etc) in windowed mode for this aimbot to work! For other fullscreen games, change the screenshot method from GetForegroundWindow to GetActiveWindow. When in windowed mode, you no longer need to move cs:s to the middle of the monitor, the aimbot will aim in the center of the game regardless of where cs:s is on your monitor.


Greatly improved autofiring, fixed a few small bugs, and improved color trigger aimbot.

Could you please update the download link ?