23:25 - claab:
Vac sens ram codes to the vac server or whatever
23:25 - claab:
and if its something suspicious they will try it and see if it is a a cheat
23:25 - Eternality:
23:25 - Eternality:
vac does signature scans
23:26 - Eternality:
Signature scanning works by scanning the RAM (all the running processes) and check if a known signature is in the data of that program
23:26 - claab:
23:26 - claab:
btw whats ur sjype
23:27 - claab:
and do you think that vmprotect helps a lot
23:28 - Eternality:
yes vmprotect does help alot
23:28 - Eternality:
my skype is dethomcsgo don't try to ddos me, i connect through a proxy
23:29 - claab:
ofc not
23:29 - claab:
i say the same xD
23:39 - malekamir:
23:51 - Wackage:
Anyone know a good undetected hack for CSGO?
23:55 - Raimund58:
23:57 - Eternality:
wackage my cheat notfire is UD as of right now
23:58 - Iqueburd:
u can buy my private csgo hack for 10 € vac UD updated today
23:58 - Iqueburd:
just pm me
00:02 - Eternality:
updated daily?
00:02 - Eternality:
thats a lie
00:02 - Eternality:
stop trying to scam  
00:02 - Eternality:
if you know c++ tell me the basic fucking syntax
00:03 - Eternality:
or whatever you made the hack in
00:03 - Eternality:
wait whats in your hack Ique?
00:07 - Wackage:
Eternality, does your hack have a virus?
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Counter-Strike 1.6 / ESW: Extreme Simple Wallhack

ESW: Extreme Simple Wallhack

  • Kategorie: Counter-Strike 1.6
  • Entwickler:
  • Hochgeladen von: KN4CK3R
  • Hinzugefügt am:
  • System: Windows
Datei nicht verfügbar.

Beschreibung Because the X-Spec remake was not working right for me, I
made this really extreme simple OpenGL wallhack, it
patches the first bytes of the glShadeModel function and
jumps to a codecave.

It works for all Half-Life games/mods in OpenGL mode.

As far as I know, VAC doesn't scan the opengl32.dll, but
use it at own risk.

-Start any Half-Life based game/mod in OpenGL->Start EXE
-Start EXE->Start any Half-Life based game/mod in OpenGL

-XQZ Wallhack
post Mo 13. Jul 2009, 14:20
fleks's Avatar
Waaaas für immer UD?

*Schnell in den hält ewig Ordner packt*

Edit: Da läuft gar nix -.-
post Sa 11. Jul 2009, 22:49
Dovahkiin's Avatar
Ich wurde sagen das teil ist für immer UD. Was meinst du KN4CK3R?
Weil es inject sich in die opengl32.dll und VAC scannt die nicht.