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FrEsHModders ModMenu

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To use some mods/tools that may confuse you and what they do:

Forge Mode: You Hold RMB and you can mostly pick up only VEHICLES, DOORS, And maybe some other things.

XP MOD: Before starting the server, Make points UNLIMITED and Time to something like 10 Minutes for this to work well.

KnockBack: You get shot and get Knocked back by bullets.

Player Menu: Allows you to choose a certain player and punish them, rank em up or give them VIP+, or ADMIN access to the menu. Same controls apply to them.
1. Download FrEsH MoDdErS Mod Menu.
2. Open CoDWaW Folder.
3. Open Mods Folder.
4. Drag and drop the MOD MENU into the Mods Folder.
5. Open WORLD AT WAR MULTIPLAYER( If your cracked, USE TUNNGLE to play with FRIENDS!)
6. Run Fresh Modders Menu.
7. Make a server. 
8. Have Fun!


G = Bring Up Menu
Left Mouse Button: Go Down
Right Mouse Button: Go Up
F = Select
V = Back

RMB meens Right Mouse Button

Download FrEsHModders ModMenu
Nice I'll give a shot with that mod