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CoD:4-MW Texture Hack

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This Is the Only Working Texture Hack for C.O.D 4 wich isn get Patched by Punkbuster!

Tested on Latest version 1.7.X.X.X


1.first install winrar
2.right click on one of the .iwd file in cod4\main directory...
3.click properties...in "open with" row click on change....click browse....navigate to c:\programmefiles\winrar
4.select winrar and click ok while checking always open with selected programe to open this kind of file...
5.now open co-responding iwd files using winrar [just double click on it] and overwrite in images folder of iwd files with the ones provided by author.
6.now you are good to go...
7.working in cod4 1.7 pb enabled servers....

thank you to uploader keep up the good work

p.s. for some reason its not working when we overwrite files with pakscape...but working when overwrited with winrar i dont know why and frankly i dont care as long as its working..cheers

Download CoD:4-MW Texture Hack
It works great thanks. But if i forgot to make a backup folder now ... I cant change back?
Body_mp_arab_regular_sniper have more that 128 bones ? texture error or game error?
Works great