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Battlefield Heroes Basic ESP/ Aimbot

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Simply inject the dll I've attached to Battlefield Heroes (BFHeroes.exe) as soon as possible and you should see A messagebox telling you that the Direct3dDevice was successfully hooked.Click okay and wait until BFHeroes loads up completely.

Join a game. Ingame press INSERT to open up the menu, use the directional keys on you keyboard to navigate and press END to toggle features on and off.

To use the aimbot you will have to enable it in the menu. The aimkey is LEFT SHIFT. I will add the downloadlink to the version with the aimbot asap.


I would recommend using an autoinjector of some sort that waits for BFHeroes.exe to start and injects the code as soon as possible.I think there are plenty of injectors out there, so I will not upload mine, since it is only a simple commandline-app.

The injection must happen fast, because I use iat hooking to hook the functions that create the d3d-device.I could change that, of course, but I don't think it's an inconvenience and I like the method.

I would like to credit learn_more for his/her worldtoscreen function that was posted here (especially the fov modifier stuff was helpful) and Fleep (here is a link to his youtube channel: Um Links zu sehen, musst du dich registrieren (I hope linking is allowed ^^), whose menu I use with a few modifications.

Download Battlefield Heroes Basic ESP/ Aimbot
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I'm doing exactly what you need and it still does not work
doesnt work this hack
aimbot does not work..