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- Xhair (activation key F1)
- Perfect player chams (activation key F2)

and of course the added code that makes all screenshots pb black!

And so now I will tell you how to use it:

- The updated version

Added (new*):

- Added mechanism locking screenshots!(You only need to run the cheat and play))
- Ammo Chams (activation F3)
- BlackSky (activation F4)

After all what you need to download the open injector in the first field and add the DLL to the cheat that you downloaded, in the second box, add the game (exe file) as soon as the game starts, the cheat is activated further you need to go to the server then open another meat and add xSequenceSSBlocker.dll and make the injection in a game that's all can play!

At the time of release status UNDETECTED

Download xSequenceHack
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not working
2 years old hack... what did you expected...
not working