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hey there. made an update because it was requested by a friend.
i decided to give out a public version as well.

- updated for bc2 version 795745
- fixed a bug where the bc2 window width is set to 0 when returning from fullscreen mode in dx9 mode
- fixed a bug where esp was shown on outdated players (ghosts)

of course undetected again


- pb proof (9/24/2011)
- pb ss proof
- fully passive / external
- anti-detection

- scaled player box
- player names
- player class
- player distance
- scaled player healthbar
- circle arround head of player
- vehicle name & distance
- coolface esp ;-)

- moveable radar
- configurable radar size
- configurable radar range
- configurable radar dot size

- configurable aimbot with aim tweaker (you can set where to aim)
- configurable aimkey
- norecoil
- bullet drop prediction
- player movement prediction

- crosshair
- local ammo display (for hc mode)
- outline effect for drawing
- pseudo fullscreen mode
- moveable key based menu
- change settings
- load / save settings

here the changes that have been made compared to v2.5


- improved speed when reenabling aero
- improved scaling of esp boxes

- fixed bug where bc2 window loses / gets focus in a loop
- fixed bug where drawing doesn't cover full game window
- fixed bug where bc2 loses focus when aero gets reenabled and fullscreen mode is enabled
- fixed bug where esp box size doesn't scale correctly when using zoom
- fixed rare bug where whole drawing isn't shown anymore

- improved anti-detection
- blacklisted bc2 as host process
- bc2 window now regains original window size when returning from fullscreen mode
- changed crosshair style
- forced user to start the hack before starting BC2
- added UAC manifest settings to force admin rights at program start
- made uc-forum.com link clickable
- changed loader picture (thx to Zer0w of alterIWnet for the picture)

- added moveable keyboard menu
- added viewangle aimbot (mouse aimbot was too shaky so i decided to go for this, ahhh much better)
- added movement prediction (thx silverfish for help)
- added bullet drop prediction (thx mattdog for posting his snippet)
- added norecoil (auto on when using aimbot)
- added aimbot aim setter (tweak aim setting)
- added aimbot aimkey setter
- added class esp
- added healtbars
- added local ammo esp (cuz it was requested by a guy for hc mode as i remember)
- added headcircle esp
- added coolface esp ;-)
- added vehicle esp
- added outline effect setter (turning outline effect off improves performance much but looks more shitty)
- added enable / disable / change feature settings
- added save / load settings
- added waveeffect to loader logo (thx to this chinese guy whose name nobody knows. source: http://hi.baidu.com/shineflin241/blog/item/bb1b58661a010f2faa184c6c.html)
- added warning when BC2 is not configured to run in windowed mode
- added ability to change BC2 Fullscreen setting to false when displaying warning
- added one time performance warning when BC2 DxVersion setting is not set to 9
- added ability to change DxVersion setting to 9 when displaying one time warning
- added one time warning when BC2 resolution setting differs from desktop resolution
- added ability to change BC2 resolution setting to desktop resolution when displaying one time warning
- added warning about detection status
- added ability to visit detection status thread at program start
- added self check against hex editing

- made radarsize changeable
- made radardot size changeable
- made radar moveable
- made vehicles shown on radar

- changed chiptune (thx to Topaz of Electroloid for this awesome chippeh)
- enabled common-control styles in main window

Download bc2ext_v3.1.rar
not working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i cant Select Host Process?
please Help
i Run it at Administrator
please Help?
uses Win10
Sometimes the hack freezes :/
virustotal.com sagt 43/52 virus . ist da wirklich nen virus drin das wäre echt blöd
Zitat von AHITMAN post
cannot find bc2 proces buddy
You open the hack, select ANY process (dont select antivirus, since it will crash) and open the game, which will be detected by the hack automatically. :1
cannot find bc2 proces buddy
This hack is great. It working till now.
But it can't aim vehicles with rpg.
Please any one has new version hack? that works with vehicles also.
Please give me...
hilfe bei mir kann ich die ece nicht auf den desktop oder in anderre ordner ziehen ...
ich spiele auf nexus also ist detected auch scheissegal für mich ^.^ ... bitte um hilfe
I do not show menu ((