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xPwn AutoRevive / Local Resurrection v2.STEAM

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This hack includes the following features for the latest version of Bad Company 2:

Revive & Teleport downed enemy players to your position. - Numpad 0 activates.
Revive & Teleport downed friendly players to your position. - Numpad 1 activates.
Revive & Teleport downed ALL players to your postion. - Numpad 2 activates.

Local Resurrection - When you die, force your nearest friendly to automatically revive you (teleport to them).

Please be aware that I consider this code and hack to be a uc-forum only release. Since the hacking community has this idea of no honor among thieves... If you wish to be a go ahead and claim it as your own. Otherwise please link back to here


Oh yeah, you NEED to have xfire ingame enabled and running for this to work. YOUR GAME NEEDS TO BE IN DX9 MODE!

Kozmok - Saving me some time in investigating how this glitch actually works - steam offset
Ghoster - Player iteration method

Inject with included injector... I HIGHLY urge you to not use winject or autoinject... they will both get you on pbbans. The included injector is tatnium built for bc2.

Anticheat Status:
Punkbuster Scans: Undetected @ 9/29/10
Punkbuster Screenshots: Undetected - No visual modification.

URL: ucdownloads.com/downloads/downloads.php?do=file&id=5563

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