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BF1 STANDALONE ESP v1.2 Screenshot


- F12 - Save all settings. The saved settings file nigger.ini is in the upper game directory ..\\Battlefield 1 (not in the game dir).
Note: do not save anything into game dir because that space is monitored by EA/origin.

- How to load settings? It will load automatically next time when you start the hack. Note: also you can edit the .ini file manually and preload settings you want

- Spectator warning. If someone specs the server you will see warning and spectator name on the screen

- Crosshair, nothing to say.

F2 & F3 start and activate the hack / menu
F5 & F6 - short key to emulate FF screenshot when you press it (benchmark purpose). It will create provided .bmp file to show you what FF will get if it decide to screenshot you at that moment. This is because many people spam with questions about screenshot features, so now dont ask, just press F5 of F6 and will emulate FF ss and see provided bmp and now you should know with setting you use what picture FF will get if decide to snap you right now.
F8 - unload the hack
F12 - save settings. nigger.ini is into upper game dir: ..\\Battlefield 1

To be safe do this:
1.) this hack have 1 option for cleaning screenshots. If you not select any (if you uncheck it), then all ss will be blocked and will send black screen. I do not recommend to block the ss. So you must use cleaning ss features. You can test it first to be sure all is OK: activate hack, spawn in the game, select SS feature, wait 30+ sec., press F5, wait 30+ sec., press F6. Go and see the the .bmp files. _spoofed.bmp _provided.bmp must be clean.

2.) _spoofed.bmp _provided or _taken.bmp must be clean and must not show any hack. They are located one directory up of your game folder.
_spoofed.bmp - this is the spoofed screenshot that FF will receive it. This is the ss will (or have been) send. It must be clean and not show any hack
_provided.bmp - generated only when make ss test F5 or F6. Only for informative/test purpose. It emulate what FF will receive
_taken.bmp - generated when using ss cleaning feature. The name "taken" means that you dont have any dirty screen at the moment and no need to spoof anything so it only log what ss is taken
_blocked.bmp - generated when ss is blocked and send black screen instead. Here you can see what is blocked just informative. This ss is not sent, it is blocked! The ss can be blocked when on the screen is shown some informative message log for 15 sec., for example when you make test F5/F6 and if you not wait 15 sec for the log to vanish and press again F5/F6 the _blocked.bmp will generate, and the other sent .bmp will be black screen. Usually at normal circumstances you should not make _blocked.bmp

3. ) when you play and see some ss messages, minimize the game immediately and see bmp files. They must be clean. Keep eye on .bmp files just to be sure all is ok. It is good to take a look at bmps once in a while, if you like.

4. SS_CLEANER (automatically clean screenshot) keep the ss timer as low as you can. I think less than few seconds is unnecessary. I use it on 15 sec. and no problems, I think no need to waste my CPU, but I dont want to impose my opinion, you can use 3-4 sec. or even less 1 sec if you have plenty of CPU to waste.

5. If you are eager to use some FPS counters or other hacks over this hack, then test it first and look .bmp files to make sure you not glitch anything. Although I not recommend using anything additional over this hack

6. Play in bordless mode only!

7. put game to another dir, not "X:\Program Files (x86)\Origin\Battlefield 1" because settings imgui.ini and .bmp files will go in Origin folder. Put the game in another folder e.g. X:\Games\Battlefield 1 so imgui.ini and .bmp will be saved in X:\Games\

8. play on DX11, not DX12. English version of the game. For other languages I am not sure. To inject the hack I use Extreme Injector v3.6.1

Download BF1 STANDALONE ESP v1.2
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Same, game crashes after pushing F2, F3 does nothing
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crash to push F2 game
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crash to push F2 game
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how to install?