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Team Fury V3

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This menu was never really used by anyone, it was mainly just a test in what happens when we do this and this.... It does not have a HEAP of content and is not meant too... It is made to look good. This menu will be detected in most scenarios (Unless you have the right bypasses then knock yourself out).
Bracketz and myself were informed only last night by one of our friends that the menu is broken (does not open properly and when it does it struggles to reopen), if you want to use the menu I suggest you have a look at it and fix it, I can guarantee it is a very simple fix but we just don't have the time to create hacks much anymore.
And please do not complain when I am not able to help as much as I would like, give it a month or two and we will start releasing and being active A LOT more!

Bracketz & SuperNeutron - Making The Menu
JME - Too Sexy (Scripts and shit)
Lystic - Menu Design Idea With A Screenshot

Download Team Fury V3
how i use the hack plaese help
thats ARMA III ?!?!
execVM 'FuryV3.sqf'
how to use it?
Are you sure this is the right place, This looks more like arma 3